Program Overviews

Pregnant Clients

An Introduction to Your Pregnancy - What You Need to Know About Your Body and Baby

pregnancy information This program is most beneficial to those clients who are teens, first time moms, have a high risk pregnancy, or who are out of touch with the healthcare system during their pregnancy. Eden Health nurses help these expectant mothers reduce their fears and gain valuble knowledge about how to care for their particular pregnancy related condition. Clients in this program can expect monthly, trimester, or one time visits based on their particular needs and risks.

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New Mothers

What You Need to Know About your Body and Baby after Child Birth

mom & baby information This program is not just for first time moms. Every birth is different and has its own focus of care. The transition of the mother from being pregnant to now caring for herself and her newborn while in the healthing process can be stressful. Clients in this program can expect one visit or multiple depending upon issues that arise.

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Asthma Clients

Together... You Can Control Your Asthma

asthma information This program is focused on getting those with asthma to enjoy a "normal" life just like everyone else. No need to spend long hours in the E.R. just to get you or your child's medications filled anymore. No need to have life's plans interrupted by an "Asthma Attack." You will learn how to predict a "bad day" and we will work with you and your physician to ensure you or your child is on the best medicines for your situation. Clients in this program can expect visits over a couple months while we coordinate appropriate specialist visits as needed to get you the best possible outcomes.

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Diabetes Clients

Only You... Can Control Your Diabetes for Life

diabetes information This program is focused on helping those with diabetes to understand how their everyday lifestyle affects their management of their diabetes. This complex disease is broken down into easy to understand language and valuable tips and suggestions are given. Clients of this program can expect visits over a couple weeks to months depending on the client need and complexity.

17P Injections Clients

A weekly injection program for those pregnant clients who are at risk for pre-term delivery. We will help you keep as normal of a schedule as possible so the injections don't interfere with your everyday schedule.

Synagis Injection Clients

A monthly injection program for those infants at risk for RSV (respiratory syncytial virus).

NICU Discharge Clients

Doctor ordered nursing visits for infants who have been discharged from the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Take the fear out of being discharged from the hospital. With these visits you will gain the knowledge and courage to enjoy finally having your baby home where they belong.

Bili Draw Clients

Nursing visits for lab draws needed when your infant has jaundice. No need to take your newborn to the doctor or hospital where the risk for your newborn to get sick is the greatest.

Community Assessment for Payors

An objective assessment for the qualification of services.

Hospital Discharge: Care Coordination Program for Payors

A service that coordinates the care of the recently hospitalized patient to ensure that the services being provided to the client are coordinated and effective in their purpose to reduce the prospect of readmission for the same acute episode. Focusing on CHF, Diabetes, COPD, CAD, Pneumonia.

HEDIS Measure Projects for Payors

A service to help payors meet annual HEDIS measures by implementing projects directed at meeting those goals.