Payors Interested in Our Services

Eden Health, LLC's philosophy is dedicated to providing health promotion and wellness education in a way that connects with and provides clients the knowledge base necessary to access the healthcare system in a way that maximizes client health and well-being while doing so in a fiscally appropriate manner.

It is our belief that this may be accomplished through education and health promotion. Our goal is to provide these services through in-home visits with registered nurses. This in turn provides the client with a personal relationship with the healthcare system.

Working hand in hand with case managers, care coordinators, and discharge planners who identify high risk clients we provide to the client and health care organization a vital link to ensure that the client receives the most appropriate health services available to them. Our dedication to the clientele we serve has allowed us to develop a strategic system of relating with our clients regardless of socioeconomic class. This proprietary approach provides us a 54% success rate in locating even the most transient of clients thus giving the health plan the tool necessary to develop a relationship that will guide the client to successful outcomes.

Eden Health, LLC will be happy to develop educational programs for other chronic illness on request and with an identified demand for the service.

Eden Health, LLC currently services the Eastern, Central and Western regions of Missouri.

Expanded view of services offered by Eden Health, LLC:
Mom/Baby Visits
C-Section Care
High Risk Pregnancy Program
17P Injections
Asthma Program
Diabetes Program
NICU Discharges
Bili Draws
Synagis Injections
Community Assessments
HEDIS Measure Projects
Hospital Discharge - Care Coordination Program

If you are an insurance provider who is interested in adding our services to your plan offerings, please contact our office at 636.493.6027 or at to schedule a presentation.