About Eden Health, LLC

Eden Health was founded on the basis that any person who is faced with a health condition must have knowledge available to them to manage that condition effectively. Since 2004, the founder of Eden Health has been developing its many products of today. These creations have led to comprehensive educational programs that utilize evidence based practices and deliver that knowledge to clients in an individualistic manner that they can utilize for successful outcomes.

Our Philosophy

Eden Health, LLC is dedicated to providing health promotion and wellness education that connects with and provides clients the knowledge base necessary to access the healthcare system in a way that maximizes client health and well-being while doing so in a fiscally appropriate manner.

Our Company Goals

• To provide cost-competitive, quality services.
• To assist clients in using all resources available to them to access the healthcare system at the appropriate level of care.
• To develop relationships with payors, hospitals, and physicians to effectively meet our clients' home care needs.
• To function as a liaison between our clients and available community resources and assist our clients in coping with their needs and problems.